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Jackson Community College

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Yeah.. [Feb. 13th, 2009|02:10 pm]
Jackson Community College

So I don't think this community will be missed if it's deleted, lol.
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classes! [Aug. 12th, 2006|03:10 pm]
Jackson Community College

So.. just a little more than a week to go!
Having never taken any college classes before, I'm excited. I like new things. I like being productive instead of sitting stagnant, working dead-end jobs. I mean, I'm still working a dead-end job, but at least I'll be putting time into getting a degree of some sort.

I'll be taking ENG 131-02 [8a-9a Tue&Thur]; BIO 131-08 [1p-2:27p Mon&Wed, 2:30p-4:26p Wed]; MTH 131-21, which starts on 9/11 instead of 8/21 and ends 12/06 instead of 12/15 [11a-12:17p, Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur]; and just for that 1 last credit to be full-time, HPF 161-04 [11a-12:56p, Fri]. Apparently class only meets at that time on Friday just for the first day of class... after that you're pretty much on your own, having to log like 25 hours in the fitness center throughout the semester or something.

Math and Biology are in the same room, so Wednesdays I'll be in the same classroom from 11a-4:26p.. with a 43 minute break, 12:17-1p. That's gonna be crazy. My high school kinda prepared us for college classes, as we had block scheduling. So our classes were an hour & a half long, every other day. But I'm gonna be in the same room for 5 hours... Eek. Maybe I should ask if I can bring in a cot and sleep there.

I still need to go buy my books... gotta get on that. They're gonna be between $216.75 & $286.25.. depending on whether they are used or new.

Ok, so help spread the word about this community! We've got 2 members [heh, myself included], and one person who isn't a member is WATCHING us! You spy! ;)

C'mon, post & have fun. Is this your first year at JCC? Returning student? Are you transferring somewhere? For what major?

Hey, do we get student ID cards at JCC?
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2006|06:04 pm]
Jackson Community College


This is the LJ community for Jackson Community College, of Jackson, MI.

Feel free to join if you're a new student this year and you're hoping to connect with other new or current students, if you're already a student or teacher, or if you're an alumni!

This place is just starting out, so please help it grow!

I just created this community because I want to know more about everything going on at JCC. I just enrolled today, and was disappointed to see that there was no LJ community for JCC. I was hoping to drop in and possibly get to know some people that might be in my classes. So since one didn't exist, I figured "Why not create one?"

Maybe it's a stupid idea and I've wasted my time, or maybe people will actually join. I'd prefer the latter, but I'm expecting the former.

Please crush my expectations. ;)
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